The Good Works of Two Alonzo Washingtons

Revised:  March 26, 2015

Alonzo Washington
Kansas City, Missouri

Most of you have never heard of Alonzo Washington.  Alonzo has been working as a child activist in the US and Missouri to fight crime, locate missing children, thwart abuse of children, find assistance for runaway children and adamantly supported Amber Alert legislation for a very long time.  He is also the author of comic books for children. Alonzo is the National Spokesperson for C.A.T.C.H. Resources, Inc. (formerly Operation L.A.P. Foundation).
For more information regarding Alonzo’s efforts call: (913) 321-6764 or email him at Alonzo Washington,
Note:  Some of the above information has been contributed by Dana Washington who is Mr. Washington’s Publicist.


Alonzo Washington
Washington, D.C./Maryland

His current focus as a Delegate for the State of Maryland, is to eliminate suspension and expulsion of high school students and replace the practice with community service.  Many children have working parents and when a child is suspended and unsupervised, it opens the door for the child to seek more trouble.  If the child is in the classroom, there is always the possibility the child will be learning.  His advocacy has brought national attention to a number of African American children who are normally forgotten.  Last, but not least, For more information regarding Alonzo’s efforts visit his website at:  Alonzo Washington.
Turns out there are two Alonzo Washington’s in our small world. . Activist, Alonzo Washington from Kansas City, MO. and Delegate, Alonzo Washington from Washington, D.C. and Maryland.  We apologize for the mixup.  We wonder how many other Alonzo Washington’s are populating our great country?  At any rate, Alonzo, Kansas City, has a human purpose while Alonzo, Maryland, has a political purpose but both appear to work for underprivileged children.  Kudos to them both !


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  1. Alonzo Washington

    I’m the Alonzo Washington that finds missing kids, creates comic books & fights crimes. Yet, the Alonzo Washington who is a delegate for Maryland is a different guy. We are not the same person. I live in Kansas City. The other guy lives in Washington DC. Please create your article.

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