Have you seen any of these people who are missing ?  What are the circumstances why people end up missing ?  There are a variety of reasons, abduction, runaway, health, vehicle accident.  Click on a photo to learn more about the Wisconsin missing  person and their disappearance.   If you have any information regarding a case, please contact CATCH or the appropriate law enforcement agency.


Jacquelyn Ranallo’s remains were found in the Milwaukee River, 05-24-2016.  She went missing 11-21-2015

Susan Glaser’s remains have been found and identified.  04-26-2016

Stephanie Myles’s remains have been found and identified.  02-26-2016

Kelly Dwyer’s remains have been found and identified  05-07-2015

Kyle Blohm’s remains were found and identified on 08-11-2015.  Sympathy to his family.

Heather Szekeres, who went missing in 2011, remains were found and identified on 04-09-2015.

Jorden Simmons, who went missing in 2013, has been recovered, date unknown, posted 01-24-2016.


Resources:    Wisconsin Clearing House For The Missing

                           The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children

                           Wisconsin Crime Alert

                           CUE Center for Missing Persons

                           Wisconsin Crime Alert – Facebook

                           Rapid Search and Rescue

                           Charlie Project


                           The Doe Network

                            Lost N Missing



Courtesy of the Missing People Choir in the UK, “I Miss You”

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